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Ocultação de estrela pelo trans-netuniano Varuna, 19 de Fevereiro, 2010

E-mail de Bruce Berger, MIT/Williams College Occultation Consortium, EUA


For anyone else interested, the MIT/Williams College Occultation Consortium is looking for telescopes or telescopes with high-speed cameras to record the 20000 Varuna occultation on 19 February. The prediction path touches the northeast tip of Brasil and coastal French Guyana as well as mid-Africa.  


I am helping out as the professional- amateur coordinator for this part of the project. 
Please use the prediction page at http://occult. /occultations/ kbo/Varuna/ Varuna.20100219/ index.html rather than the IOTA prediction for reference as it has more recent data and proper offsets applied. 
If you have a 200mm or larger scope close to the target path and wish to help us with data please reply to me. We have several suitable cameras we can bring if needed. It is ok to forward this email to others if you think they can help. 
Clear skies!
Bruce Berger

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