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06/09/2010 - Breno Loureiro Giacchini

            Há alguns dias o criador do programa Occult, Dave Herald, publicou uma nova atualização do programa. A partir desta versão, as atualizações vindouras serão feitas pelo próprio programa.


            Faça o download do arquivo em . Esta pasta deve ser descompactada e os arquivos devem ser colocados no diretório '...Arquivos de Programas\Occult 4'. Fei

            Mais informações na página do Occult: .

            Em seguida, abra o programa e, na parte de Downloads, atualize os ítens em destaque.

Em caso de dúvidas, contacte-nos pelo endereço eletrônico bgiacchini ARROBA .

Algumas informações sobre a versão (por Dave Herald):

Occult is now available as an update to existing installations of Occult4.

This update incorporates a number of significant changes and improvements, many of which have come about as a result of suggestions from users. These will be summarised in two further emails, as well as a further email indicating future changes.

The most important change with this update is the ability to update the program from within Occult.

This present update is the last update requiring users to _manually_ download an update file from the IOTA web site. All future updates will occur through the Occult program.

ALL USERS ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO UPDATE THEIR VERSION OF OCCULT TO THIS NEW VERSION. This will avoid difficulties with updating Occult in the future.

To update to this new version of Occult:
A. Download the program update file from
and unzip it into the Occult 4 directory

B. Run Occult. At the bottom left you should see a notification that data updates are available. Click that notification - and you will be taken to the downloads page. At the top left there is advice of the number of items that are tagged for download. Download all the tagged items.

To learn more about the new Updating process, read the Help topic that is available under the new Menu item on the Main form:
Program updates.... Help with updates

IMPORTANT - Frequency of update checking

Several data updates per month can be expected - especially for asteroidal occultation observations, and lunar occultation observations.
[This is mainly because people are reporting observations, which is what we do!] Some users will want to update files whenever updates are available. Other users will only want to update the program and data files on an infrequent basis. You can set how often the program will automatically check for updates, under
Maintenance, User Settings
at the 2nd item (Check for availability for updates to the Occult program and data files).

The available options are:
- every start up
- daily
- weekly
- monthly
- yearly
- never
with the default setting being monthly.

Note that you can manually check for updates at any time, using the items under the new Menu item
Program updates...

IMPORTANT - VISTA and Windows7 users
If you have problems with the new update process, it will be caused by the User Account setting. There are two ways to avoid this (if it is a problem). The first way is to ensure the User Account setting is set to Off whenever you do an update. The second way is to move the entire Occult 4 directory to a location outside of the Program Files directory structure. Indeed, for this reason the default location for new installations of Occult is the C: root directory.

The following is a list of the more notable changes implemented in Occult 4.0.9

Summary of some general changes
1. Incorporated a file of stellar diameters.
2. Enabled retrieval of variable star light curves from the AAVSO
Improved process for updating Occult program and data
4. Added capability to generate/display an ephemeris of an asteroid

Summary of changes relating to asteroidal occultations.
1. Catalogue comparison - expanded to include the new PPMXL catalogue, and the 'long-term prediction' position from FK6.
2. Search for occultations. Provided an option to create a file of occultation elements sorted by event date
3. Moved the selection criteria for displaying occultations to a new form. Allowed the site location used in the selection criteria to be elected from a Site File.
4. Display of expected fade durations from Fresnel diffraction and stellar diameter. [This was triggered by the recent Roma occultation observed in Europe.]
5. For reductions, enabled incorporation of Shape Models from DAMIT, and Miriade. Enabled display of data from the asteroid 'Light Curve DataBase'.
6. Check that the file of asteroid orbital elements is of the correct length (to avoid a problem experienced by some users.)
7. Changed the format of the file of occultation elements, so that the full precision coordinates of the star as used in the prediction are available, as well as the stellar diameter.

Summary of changes relating to lunar occultations
1. Extra information included with the double star report form, to assist with data evaluation
2. Added the capacity to filter a prediction output on the basis of a range of criteria (such as
observing hours) and to exclude various messages.
3. Graze reduction profiles - added ability to draw the path of the star on the profile, for any observer.

Summary of data file changes/improvements
1. The DE ephemeris file has been revised to expand the coverage of DE423 back from 1900 to 1800.
2. New file added - Stellar diameters
3. New file added - asteroid Light Curve Database
4. Updated the addresses for the downloads of Comet.dat, and the WDS catalog.

A full list of all the changes is available under the new menu item
Program updates.... List version changes.

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