Seção de Ocultações

REA's Occultation Section open

Breno Loureiro Giacchini

            It gives us great pleasure to announce the creation of REA's Occultation Section. Even before being invited by IOTA to collect the Brazilian occultation reports we already had the will to create a group of observers in our country. When we were invited to join REA (Observational Astronomy Association) and organize an occultation section, we felt that the project was becoming real. We have worked for more a couple of months creating this website, which is the gateway of our section. In this website one can be informed about our observational campaigns, about what is happening in the world concerning occultations and about historical, scientific and practical aspects of observing and recording occultations.

            The main goals and objectives of REA's Occultation Section are:

            To inform people about what occultations are and their importance;

            To stimulate the observation and recording of occultations;

            To promote observational campaigns;

            To inform about new observing technics and other advances in the field;

            To stimulate the contact between the Brazilian observers, and also with other observers in Latin America and around the world;

            To collect Brazilian reports of occultation observations;

            To establish a dialog with the observers to correct any problems that may eventually occur in the reports and ensure they are suitable to IOTA's standards;

            To forward the reports to IOTA;

            To divulge the observations made in Brazil;

            To keep statistic data updated regarding the current status of occultation observation in Brazil;

            We would like to thank our friends and colleages

                Alexandre Amorim

                Antônio Rosa Campos

                Carlos Arlindo Adib

                Claudio Martinez

                Dave Herald

                David Dunham

                Derek Breit

                John Talbot

                as well as REA's directors, Edvaldo Trevisan, Cristóvão Jacques Lages Faria and Tasso Augusto Jatobá Napoleão

for the constant support in the making of this section and for the efforts in conveying the observations and occultations.

            We, thus, declare open REA's Occultation Section; and we are at your disposal to give any information that may become necessary about our Section and occultations in general.

            Clear skies.

            Sincerely yours,

         Breno Loureiro Giacchini

         bgiacchini at

         REA's Occultation Section Co-ordinator

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